Stuck with manual travel authorizations?

When you use manual processes for travel approvals, the key information doesn’t always reach the right person. There are difficulties in enforcing business travel policies, and it takes a lot of back and forth to get travel requests approved.

Manual processes have no place in growing businesses

Multiple obstacles slow down manual processes

Manual processes have no place in growing businesses

Multiple obstacles slow down manual processes

Human Errors

Paper forms and are prone to manual errors and inconsistencies

Slower Approvals

Reviewing and validating information manually takes a lot of time

Inefficient Processes

Manual systems involve redundant and repetitive tasks

Lost Forms

Email and paper-based travel requests are easily lost and mishandled
Complex Workflows

Too many bottlenecks

Travel authorization by papers or emails get stuck on multiple tables before getting confirmed.

The steps in a travel approval workflow

With Kissflow, travel approvals are a simple 5-step process. Using a visual interface you can either create the travel approval app or pick a template, then customize it to fit your organization’s unique way of processing travel approvals.

Why you’ll love Kissflow’s Travel authorization form

No Coding

With a drag-and-drop design, create powerful workflows
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Highly Customizable

Whether it’s a small change or an overhaul, you can make instant edits
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Work on the Move

Employees can make travel requests and managers can approve through mobile
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Integrated System

Connect your accounting or budgeting software to eliminate human errors
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Instant triggers

Set automated triggers to share data and start actions with external applications
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Relevant Alerts

Get regular updates about the progress of form when new data gets added
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The numbers don’t lie

Learn how travel authorization forms are transformed through the power of automation. These statistics show clearly how automation, made possible by tools like Kissflow, can give business processes a huge boost in speed, costs, and efficiency.

Cheaper automated processes

Automated processes are 45% cheaper

Cheaper documentation costs

Documentation is 40% cheaper

Less data retrieval time

Information access is 2x faster

Overall cost reduction

ROI earned on automated processes is 176%

Business users love working with Kissflow

Business users love working with Kissflow

Experience Paperless Travel Requests With Kissflow for Finance

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