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Budget Request Form Template

Streamline budget requests and approvals with a budget request form.


What Is a Budget Request Form?

A budget request form is a document an employee submits in order to gain budget approvals for a particular project or department. The form should include justification for the new expenses and how the money will be spent, including addressing any questions the approver might have before releasing the funds.

Shortcomings of Manual Budget Request Forms

Multiple obstacles slow down manual processes

Decentralized Requests

With requests routed through disparate systems, miscommunication is likely

Lost Forms

Manual and paper-based processes make it easy to lose budget request forms

Manual Error

Mishandled forms and bad data transfers make for unnecessary repeats

Inefficient Workflows

Manual request systems mean redundant tasks that make the process complex

Too many bottlenecks

Budget approvals by papers or emails get stuck on multiple tables before getting confirmed.


The Steps in a Budget Request Approval Workflow

Creating the perfect budget request form in Kissflow starts with easily downloading our prebuilt budget approval app. The form will have fields like requester’s name and department, total budget requested, explanation of expenses, and priority.

Ineffective Budget Approvals Cost Real Money

Kissflow can make a real difference in your budget approval system. See the numbers that show how it gives you improved in ROI, speed, and costs.

ROI on the automated process

Automated processes are 45% cheaper

Lesser data retrieval time

Information access is 2x faster

Lesser documentation costs

Documentation is 40% cheaper

Reduction in costs

ROI earned on automated processes is 176%

Customers Love Kissflow

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The beauty of Kissflow is how quick and easy it is to create the apps. It’s so user-friendly that I made what I needed in 30 minutes.

Oliver Umehara,
IT Manager

One of our finance leads said, ‘This is so easy, even my mom could do this.’ It was extremely intuitive and straightforward.

Renee Villarreal,
Senior IT Manager

I designed it, tested it, and had it ready in a week. The platform is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.

Ajit Singh,
Chief Product Manager

Experience Paperless Budget Requests With Kissflow for Finance