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Kissflow Events Webinar

That Moment When You Realize What Power Apps Can't Do

Join the webinar to

  • Navigate the gap between Power Apps' low-code claims and real-world app development challenges
  • Understand the hidden complexities and costs lurking beneath the surface 
  • Learn how to use the right technology to bridge the gap without adding another layer of complexity to your tech stack

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Kissflow Speaker

Neil Miller

Director, Product Marketing


Neil Miller heads Product Marketing at Kissflow. He has interviewed over 200 leaders about what it will take to thrive in the digital age. He talks with the best thinkers in the world about how the future of work will change how we understand leadership, inclusion, technology, productivity, workspaces, and office culture. Neil loves going on adventures with family, trail running, native Indiana trees, and being challenged by new ideas.

Despite its promises of simplicity and collaboration, many organizations encounter challenges and disappointing adoption rates with Microsoft Power Apps, a common solution for custom application development. 

What crucial elements are absent from Power Apps, stopping its ability to revolutionize automation? 

Join this webinar to uncover the hidden complexities and gaps in Power Apps' capabilities that obstruct its potential as an automation powerhouse.