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Simplify Third-Party Risk Management With Our Custom Low-Code Solution

Join our demo day to see how a custom third-party risk management application can help you: 

  • Centralize vendor information and documentation for easy access and oversight
  • Automate risk assessments and due diligence processes to streamline workflows
  • Monitor vendor performance and compliance in real-time to mitigate emerging risks
  • Leverage advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to make data-driven decisions

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Kissflow Speaker

Dhana Sekhar

Senior Solutions Consultant


Dhana Sekhar works as a Senior Solutions Consultant at Kissflow, a team dedicated to developing innovative business solutions for companies across industries. Dhana has about 7+ years of experience in driving digital transformation initiatives across multiple domains such as CRM, Customer Service Management, ITSM, business process management and low-code.

Are Third-Party Risks Derailing Your Business Operations?

Traditional third-party risk management methods are manual, error-prone, and lack real-time risk visibility. 

Imagine a solution that streamlines every aspect of third-party risk management, centralizes and automates the assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of risks posed by external vendors and partners. It also lets you manage multiple processes such as  vendor onboarding workflows, building risk assessment questionnaires, and tracking compliance.

Get ready to see how you can build a custom app to conduct due diligence from end-to-end on a single app using a powerful low-code platform.

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