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Aali Qureshi

Sr VP Americas

Petar Kovac

Senior Solutions Consultant


Low-code vs No-code vs Pro-code : The Hype, The Promise & The Reality

Join us to learn how to unlock the potential of low-code and no-code technologies, and gain practical insights into how to evaluate their value.
08 Jun, 2023 USA and Canada
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Product Enabler


Build an Expense Management App in Under 30 Minutes

Learn how to build and automate an expense management app on a no-code platform
22 Jun, 2023 Global
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Pushing Process Automation to the Edge of the Enterprise


Dinesh Varadharajan



Dinesh is the Chief Product Officer at Kissflow and leads the product management team. He is a hands-on executive with a wide range of experience working with bleeding-edge technologies, developing great products and mentoring highly productive teams. Being a skilled product leader, Dinesh possesses the craftsmanship to create complex products that are simple to use. His deep domain knowledge in the BPM platform and digital transformation drives Kissflow to strengthen its presence in this competitive market.

Neil Miller

Director of The Digital Workplace


Neil’s initiative, The Digital Workplace talks about how enterprise companies can adopt different strategies to re-invent their work culture. Through his initiatives, he has been helping companies to make work more purposeful, humane, and equitable for everyone. He also runs Digital Workplace Podcast, where he has hosted 200 leaders of various industries and geographic and talked on the future of work and digital transformation.

Organizations have been pushed to dive deeper into digital transformation, leading to increased operations and workloads. To combat these challenges, organizations resort to using numerous tools and apps that only cause more stress to an already overwhelmed IT department. 

Watch this interactive webinar entitled, "Pushing Process Automation to the Edge of the Enterprise" and explore how your organization can empower business users to design, iterate and develop new processes and apps.

Key takeaways: 

  • The organizational flywheel: empowering teams with no-code automation
  • Complex use-cases that most companies prefer automating
  • Success stories from digitally transformed organizations
  • How to leverage process automation across your organization