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Navigating Budget Cuts in Tech

Join the webinar to:

  • Understand the hidden costs of relying on multiple one-job applications
  • Find out why consolidating your apps to improve data flow can solve financial and operational problems
  • Overcome data silos, integration challenges, and strategic limitations imposed by a fragmented application landscape
  • Learn real-life examples of businesses that have successfully transitioned to more integrated, low-code platforms

April 18, 2024

11 AM EST & 4 PM GMT | 11 AM GST & 3 PM SGT

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Shyam Prabhal

AVP, Account Management


Shyam Prabhal leads the Enterprise Account Management function at Kissflow. His team is responsible for managing the post-sales relationship with all enterprise customers including successful onboarding, adoption, and retention. Prior to this role, he has led support, services, and success teams at startups and large corporations. Shyam enjoys hiking, trekking, and spending time outdoors with his family.

Navigating budget cuts in the technology sector requires a strategic, forward-thinking approach. IT leaders must ensure that reductions in spending do not hinder innovation or operational efficiency. They must evaluate the organization's tech stack and identify opportunities to consolidate tools and applications. 

Many organizations rely on a patchwork of one-job apps to perform various tasks and processes. While these apps might offer specialized functionality, their cumulative effect can lead to several challenges, including high cumulative costs, maintenance and support costs, and data silos. 

Join our webinar on Navigating Budget Cuts in Tech to understand how streamlining the tech stack and fostering a more integrated approach to technology can not only navigate current financial challenges but also position themselves for a successful digital transformation.

Discover how eliminating multiple one-job apps and using a more flexible low-code platform can make a big difference.

Join the webinar on April 18