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Demo Day

Modernize Manufacturing Operations with no-code low-code.

Modernize Manufacturing Operations with no-code low-code.

During the demo, learn how to :

  •  Discover techniques for transforming departmental workflows into streamlined operations
  • Apply Kissflow practically to improve efficiency
  • Realize the potential for rapid ROI through efficient modernization
  • Learn how to transition from legacy ERP systems to holistic modern architecture

April 23, 2024

9:30AM PST

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Petar Kovac

Senior Solutions Consultant


At Kissflow, Petar Kovac works as a Senior Solutions Consultant, a practice dedicated to help develop innovative business solutions for companies in manufacturing, retail, banking, etc. Petar comes with about 20+ years of experience in process improvement and modernization and helps organizations realize ROI and TTM/TTV through their digital transformation initiatives. He is a strong advocate of low-code technology solutions that are innovative, results-oriented and cost-effective.

Modernization in manufacturing doesn't have to be painful or costly.

In this session, we’ll walk you through what it means to modernize your technical stack, business processes, and procedures. Most of the technology used in manufacturing is outdated, causing your processes to be inefficient. When modernizing them, platforms like Kissflow allow manufacturers to skip an entire generation of technology and jump right into the latest and greatest.

In this session, we’ll show you how to take any legacy ERP or other mission-critical system and wrap Kissflow around it. We’ll walk through what an end-to-end modernized application for Production Planning could look like and how we can wrap multiple applications together that speak with each other and drive a seamless one-to-many workflow experience.

Understand that modernization does not have to hurt, cost millions, or take 12 months - with the Kissflow platform, you’ll finally get the ROI you’ve been seeking, and your employees will love you for it.

Join this webinar to see how you can build a series of solutions using no-code, low-code to modernize your manufacturing operations.

Join our manufacturing industry-focused demo