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Kissflow Events Demo Day

Low-Code/No-Code Automation for Citizen Developers Under 30 Minutes

Join our Global Demo Day to enable citizen developers to build IT-governed apps with the right low-code no-code platform, learn how to:
  • Customize your apps to meet specific business needs
  • Automate manual processes end-to-end with bespoke workflows
  • Build powerful integrations with other applications
  • Understand the power of GenAI in app building
  • Ensure data governance and control 

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Kissflow Speaker

Charumathi M

Senior Solution Consultant


With 6 years of expertise in low-code no-code platforms, Charu is dedicated to facilitating digital transformation for enterprises. Her understanding of technology and commitment to client success make her a trusted advisor in streamlining operations and driving productivity.

Are your non-IT teams empowered to solve their everyday operational challenges through automation? Is your IT department prepared to tackle the governance challenges that arise from citizen development?

With the Kissflow low-code no-code platform, citizen developers can automate processes without the risk of shadow IT. The platform empowers non-technical users to build comprehensive business apps with a simple drag-and-drop builder while ensuring IT's governance.

Join the webinar to understand how you enable citizen developers to bridge the gap between operational efficiency and IT oversight with the right technology.

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