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Aali Qureshi

Sr VP Americas

Petar Kovac

Senior Solutions Consultant


Low-code vs No-code vs Pro-code : The Hype, The Promise & The Reality

Join us to learn how to unlock the potential of low-code and no-code technologies, and gain practical insights into how to evaluate their value.
08 Jun, 2023 USA and Canada
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Product Enabler


Build an Expense Management App in Under 30 Minutes

Learn how to build and automate an expense management app on a no-code platform
22 Jun, 2023 Global
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DIY and the Rise of Citizen Developers


Rahul Bhageeradhan

Global Director of Digital Architects


Rahul brings 15 years of experience in technical sales for digital transformation, focused predominantly on Low-code and No-code platforms. He closely works with customers to help identify the gaps and opportunities to add value in their engagement life cycles. His expertise includes enabling and empowering Kissflow’s partners and helping them develop vertical-specific skill sets.

In today’s increasing awareness of digital transformation, technical frustration affects all organizations in various shapes and sizes. The roles and requirements of business users continue to rise. This constantly demands the IT teams look for new ways to adopt different innovative technologies. When the rising demand is not met by innovative solutions, it leads to huge IT backlogs and overflowing request pipelines. 

Organizations turn to the approach of citizen development as the ultimate solution. 

Watch this engaging webinar to learn how businesses can bridge the gap between employees who write code and employees who can’t. Explore how business users can be empowered to become the stars with a citizen development framework and uplift their overall productivity.

  • The never-ending gap between IT and business users
  • How operational backlogs drain overall productivity
  • The need for digital transformation in today’s era
  • How business users can be more agile and resilient