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Kissflow Events Demo Day

Discover how decision tables help build apps in 30 minutes

Learn how decision tables can help maintain and reuse business rules across applications effectively.


In this session, we will discuss the following key capabilities:  

  • Auto-generating output based on predefined rules and conditions. 
  • Quick testing of conditional logic, error handling, and complex business rules.
  • Range-supported conditional values to deal with complex data.

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Kissflow Speaker


Senior Product Manager.


Ramachandran is a seasoned Product Manager who transitioned from an engineering background.He brings with him over 7 years of valuable experience in product development, strategy formulation, customer and prospect engagement, and product advocacy. His current role involves managing the Process module of Kissflow, which is the most adopted and a key revenue-generating module of the platform.

Developing business logic in formulas and code can be daunting, particularly when dealing with many parameters. This complexity can significantly impact readability and maintainability, challenging managing and updating logic.

A decision table is a simple yet powerful way to represent and maintain thousands of rules to implement business logic within an application. 

Join us for this demo day to learn more about how decision tables can streamline the management and reuse of business rules across applications effectively.