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A Strategic Blueprint for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

A Strategic Blueprint for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Join our industry expert to explore

  • The paradigm shift caused by the Industrial Revolution 
  • The staggering investments dedicated to manufacturing digitalization
  • Strategies to go beyond the boundaries of conventional ERP and SCM

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Kissflow Speaker


Business Process Manager


Rohit is a dedicated professional with cross-functional experience in supply chain management, project management, and ERP implementation. He thoroughly understands business processes and focuses on streamlining and optimizing processes to drive superior results. He is passionate about digitalization and leveraging technology to enhance supply chain processes that deliver long-term value to organizations. He considers himself a generalist who loves solving problems.

Technological evolution is reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace. Yet, for many manufacturers, digital transformation is an uphill struggle. Some leaders lack the right knowledge, some are paralyzed by concerns about cybersecurity, and others feel the scarcity of digital talent with relevant experience.

Even for those in the middle of the digitalization journey, the enormity and intricacy of the changes is overwhelming. A well-crafted digital transformation roadmap is essential.

Join our exclusive, industry expert-led webinar to explore the nuances of the digital landscape in manufacturing and the significance of a well-orchestrated digital transformation roadmap. 

Join the webinar on April 16th