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Venkatesh Narasimhan

Enterprise Account Manager

Partner Webinar

Seize the lucrative $20 billion low-code market in Europe with Kissflow

27 Sep, 2023 5 PM CET
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Peter Kovac

Senior Solutions Consultant

Demo day

Build a Holistic Production Line Management Application in Low-Code

Build a connected production line orchestration layer through powerful automation and exception handling.
28 Sep, 2023 Global
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Demo Day

Build a Custom Integrated Claims Management App

Deliver a connected claims experience for everyone through powerful automation


Venkatesh Babu

Regional Vice President


At Kissflow, Venkatesh Babu heads the Presales Solution Consulting team and provides advanced solutions to guide customers through a successful digital transformation in the low-code realm. With nearly 20 years of experience, he is an expert in digital process automation and a strong advocate for low-code technology solutions that are innovative, result-oriented, and cost-effective.

Need help with transforming an unconnected claims management experience?

It’s hard to see the value of automation if you have disparate and one-size-fits-all systems to manage all types of claims processes.

Integrating vast amounts of claims data — including property damage, bodily injury, medical, and liability from multiple sources brings its own complexity, documentation requirements, integrations, and evaluation criteria.

What if you can customize and manage all your claims processes on a single platform? 

A platform that will enable you to integrate new technologies while dealing with legacy systems.

Join this demo day — Build a Custom Integrated Claims Management App  to learn how to embrace automation and digitization to standardize claims processes effectively.

During the demo, we’ll cover how you can:

  • Unlock the power of simplicity in claims process automation
  • Configure dynamic case management throughout the claims journey 
  • Explore our intelligent integration studio 
  • Enable your teams to build and manage the processes without any code
  • Simplify master data management
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