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Build a custom low-code retail management app in weeks

Manage everything from new store expansion to automating everyday operations on a single custom retail management application.

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Kissflow Speaker

Varun Rao

Solutions Architect


Varun Rao works as a Solutions Architect at Kissflow, a team dedicated to help develop innovative business solutions for companies across industries . Varun comes with about 12+ years of experience across multiple domains such as infrastructure, cloud, intelligent data processing and digital transformation initiatives.

Are Your Retail Expansion and Operational Struggles Holding You Back?

Retail is changing fast, and customers are using different ways to connect with businesses. At Kissflow, we know this makes it tough for companies, especially when opening new stores. The usual core systems we use, like ERPs and CRMs, are struggling to keep up. They often need experts to handle them, and IT teams are feeling the pressure to manage everything.

Imagine a solution that handles everything from opening new stores to daily operations, all in one place, without the need for experts. A custom retail management app on Kissflow does just that, ensuring smooth information flow between different business parts through automation.

Join our demo day to see how Kissflow simplifies your retail operations, automates tasks, and tackles the challenges of opening new stores in today's fast-changing retail landscape

During the demo, we will cover how you can:

  • Build a custom retail management app to make retail expansion and daily operations easier 
  • Automate everything using workflow and case management from start to finish
  • Dive into our intelligent integration studio for seamless connectivity.