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Kissflow Events Demo Day

Build a Custom Inpatient Experience App in Weeks Using Low-Code.

During the demo, learn how to :

  • Share invoices for patient billing through simple integration
  • Build a personalized app for individualized patient experiences
  • Create  custom dashboards for senior management to track F&B, and service requests
  • Leverage an easy-to-use mobile UI for enhanced patient interaction

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Kissflow Speaker

Aravind Shivram

Senior Solutions Consultant


Aravind Shivram works as a Senior Solutions Consultant at Kissflow, a team dedicated to help develop innovative business solutions for companies across industries. Aravind comes with about 6+ years of experience across multiple domains such as healthcare, financial services, cloud, intelligent data processing and digital transformation.

How efficient is your patient admission-to-discharge process?

In the fast-paced healthcare environment, organizations struggle with managing patient bookings and discharges, hindered by outdated ERPs and CRMs. The complexity of handling these tasks across teams, often managed through spreadsheets and emails, leads to inefficiencies.

Imagine a system that streamlines room assignments, maximizes resource use, and automates the entire process, ensuring smooth tracking and handling of requests.

Join our Global Demo Day to see how you can build a series of solutions, to manage the admission-to-discharge process efficiently. 

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