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Demo Day

Automate your ESG Sustainability Framework in 30 minutes

A flexible approach to managing your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives with Kissflow

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Sriram Ganeshan

Associate Director - Pre-Sales


As a leader in the pre-sales organisation at Kissflow, Sriram's expertise lies in identifying customer pain points and finding solutions using the Kissflow Work Platform. With his extensive experience working with enterprise customers across the globe, and various industries, Sriram is a trusted advisor to C-level executives on digital transformation initiatives.

About the Demo:

Build an ESG sustainability framework without coding

The impact of business practices on society and the environment, coupled with regulations, events, and stakeholder pressure, make ESG  (Environmental, Social, and Governance) a top priority for organisations. A focus on ESG leads to long-term financial growth and investment attraction.

However, implementing ESG initiatives presents challenges such as a lack of standard processes, varying regulations, and the need for effective data collection and integration to measure success. It is also important to manage and adopt change carefully.

Balancing the need for ESG with the cost of sustainability programs and their impact on operational efficiency is complex.

How does Kissflow support organisations with ESG challenges?

During this demo, you will learn about:

  1. Adopting a flexible process-building approach
  2. Developing a robust framework for managing ESG initiatives
  3. Facilitating tailored process management through stakeholder co-creation