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Automate your ATS and Onboarding in 30 minutes

Watch how to build a fully functional ATS and Employee Onboarding System on a no-code platform

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Kissflow Speaker

Krishna Sudheer

Product Trainer


As a leader in Kissflow's enablement team, Krishna Sudheer is dedicated to empowering customers, partners, and internal teams to unlock the full potential of the Work platform. With extensive experience in low-code app development, she facilitates workshops and webinars, providing hands-on training and guidance.

In this Demo:

Every company has a unique hiring process for their employees. Talent managers need to be able to customize the way they track applicants and onboard employees. But the scale requires automation. 


  • Building integrated forms for applications, interviews, onboarding, and more
  • Creating reports and a dashboard for talent requisition
  • Keeping stakeholders informed through notifications and custom views
  • Managing an employee master database

Krishna will walk you through the process of building this application in less than 30 minutes.