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Aali Qureshi

Sr VP Americas

Petar Kovac

Senior Solutions Consultant


Low-code vs No-code vs Pro-code : The Hype, The Promise & The Reality

Join us to learn how to unlock the potential of low-code and no-code technologies, and gain practical insights into how to evaluate their value.
08 Jun, 2023 USA and Canada
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Product Enabler


Build an Expense Management App in Under 30 Minutes

Learn how to build and automate an expense management app on a no-code platform
22 Jun, 2023 Global
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Demo Day

Automate your ATS and Onboarding in 30 minutes

Watch how to build a fully functional ATS and Employee Onboarding System on a no-code platform


Krishna Sudheer

Product Trainer


As a leader in Kissflow's enablement team, Krishna Sudheer is dedicated to empowering customers, partners, and internal teams to unlock the full potential of the Work platform. With extensive experience in low-code app development, she facilitates workshops and webinars, providing hands-on training and guidance.

Build a custom ATS and automate employee onboarding without coding

Every company has a unique hiring process for their employees. Talent managers need to be able to customize the way they track applicants and onboard employees. But the scale requires automation.

In this demo, we will cover the following topics:

  • Building integrated forms for applications, interviews, onboarding, and more
  • Creating reports and a dashboard for talent requisition
  • Keeping stakeholders informed through notifications and custom views
  • Managing an employee master database

Krishna will walk you through the process of building this application in less than 30 minutes.