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3 ways to measure the ROI of a low-code platform

Learn how to simplify app development, empower various user roles, and showcase impressive ROI using low-code

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Kissflow Speaker

Neil Miller

Director, Product Marketing


Neil Miller is the Director of Product Marketing for Kissflow. He looks after storytelling for the platform, and aligns the product, marketing, and sales teams to present a cohesive message to our core audience. Prior to this role, he ran The Digital Workplace, a website and podcast for leaders looking to rebuild work for the digital age. Neil loves going on adventures with family, trail running, native Indiana trees, and being challenged by new ideas.

Low-code platforms are on every curious IT leader’s checklist. Being able to make applications in 80 percent less time solves a lot of pressing issues and could transform the IT backlog. 

But many questions remain.

  • What types of apps can and cannot be built on low-code?
  • Are only developers working on low-code platforms? 
  • Are they worth the cost?

Even after you are convinced to give low-code platforms a try, the high price of most platforms brings a lot of questions. Specifically, CFOs want to see ROIs of 2x, 3x, or even 4x what you spend on it. 

How do you measure the ROI of a low-code platform?

In this webinar, we’ll look at three ways you can clearly demonstrate how much return you are getting from investing into a low-code platform. Join your peers around the world to see what you could gain from a new era of application development.