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Kissflow ROI report

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It's a pleasure to reconnect with you! Check out this eBook for fresh perspectives to drive your digital transformation forward.
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About this ebook

This ROI report is for IT and Business Transformational leaders who want to understand the ROI of using low-code/no-code automation for digital transformation. It provides insights into the benefits of adopting a low-code/no-code platform like Kissflow and showcases a real-world case study from a leading manufacturing client in EMEA.

Who's the ebook For?

This ebook is ideal for C-level Executives, IT Managers, Business Leaders, and Process Improvement Specialists.

What’s inside?

  • Learn how automation led to 260 percent ROI 

  • Examine the key processes that generated $600K in savings

  • Understand how the organization achieved 30,000 hours of end-user productivity

  • Explore the different aspects of Kissflow’s transformational promise

Kissflow Ebooks