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Securing the Future of App Development Through Governance

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About this eBook

The democratization of app development through low-code/no-code platforms empowers business users to create apps without extensive tech knowledge. While this speeds up app production and reduces IT backlogs, it also raises issues like security breaches and non-compliance. Implementing effective governance is crucial to managing these risks while aligning with business strategy, security, compliance, and quality standards.

Who’s this eBook for?

This eBook is primarily targeted towards organizations undergoing digital transformation, IT professionals, business leaders, and anyone involved in or interested in low-code/no-code app development.

What’s inside:

  • The challenges and benefits of democratizing app development

  • Importance of governance in ensuring security, compliance, and quality in the development process. 

  • Insights and recommendations on implementing effective governance frameworks within organizations utilizing low-code/no-code platforms.