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Building Custom Enterprise Applications on a Low-Code Platform

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About this eBook

This eBook talks about application development growth within businesses, discussing the drawbacks of conventional development methods that require extensive coding. It introduces the concept of low-code platforms as a powerful alternative and provides a comprehensive guide for selecting the most suitable platform.

Who’s this eBook for?

This eBook is a thorough guide made to assist business users in creating their own applications utilizing a low-code interface. It's an essential resource for IT professionals seeking a secure platform for app development using low-code, as well as app developers striving for swifter methods of application creation. 

What’s inside?

  • The newer approach to building applications that can expedite your digital transformation goals

  • How a low-code platform can reduce app development time by an impressive 90 percent

  • Crucial factors to keep in mind when selecting a low-code platform

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