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Becoming a visionary CIO - A playbook to leading with low-code

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About this eBook:

Explore the key challenges and solutions that help CIOs take up the mantle of being visionary leaders instead of getting stuck in the mundane. This guide offers practical advice on overcoming the barriers that prevent CIOs from leading innovation and digital transformation in their organizations.

Who is this eBook for?

  • CIOs and IT Leaders: Find out what's holding you back and how to overcome it to become a visionary leader.
  • Business Executives: Learn about the challenges CIOs face and how supporting them can drive your organization's growth.
  • IT Professionals and Developers: Understand the strategic issues impacting IT leadership and how you can help address these challenges.


What’s inside?

  • Introduction to CIOs’ real-world problems
  • What prevents CIOs from taking their role as visionary leaders
  • Role of the right technology for visionary leaders
  • Measuring ROI and business outcomes
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