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Remote Work

How A Unified Platform Can Enhance Remote Work Productivity


Transitioning to remote work became necessary in the past year. It was the only way for most businesses to survive amidst lockdowns and new health protocols. Although several companies were suddenly and compulsorily thrust into it, they saw how they could benefit from running work remotely. Many businesses even saw a hike in their productivity.

The Effect of Digital Transition on Productivity

Of the 12,000 employees included in an Employee Sentiment Survey conducted by BCG, 75% [1] indicated that they have been able to maintain or improve their productivity on individual tasks after shifting to remote work. So, it comes as no surprise that many businesses are including remote work arrangements in their long-term plans.

In fact, a CEO Panel Survey[2] conducted last year shows that about 78% of CEOs agree that the shift to remote collaboration would endure even after the pandemic. The same survey also indicates that almost a quarter of those in the tech, media, health, and financial services industries will adopt a more virtual business model by adding digital products and services.

What is a Unified Platform?

To remain competitive and relevant in this fast changing business landscape, you must adopt necessary changes to your business model and augment your business with a unified work platform that can further enhance remote work productivity.

A unified platform is an efficient, collaborative, and scalable ecosystem that brings people, data, and systems together. It enables central, controlled, and secure access to data from various access points. It provides workflows for seamless collaboration to enhance the efficiency of business processes.

With a unified platform, users can engage and collaborate from wherever they are, using any device, channel, or platform. Your remote team can work seamlessly together and significantly improve overall productivity.

How a Unified Platform Enhances Remote Work Productivity

A unified platform is rich in features that help remote workers maintain productivity over the long term.

Modules for a variety of work

A typical business uses more than a dozen SaaS apps to meet the demands of an increasingly remote workforce. These disparate apps tend to hamper productivity as users waste time switching between applications.

A unified platform addresses this problem by providing a central hub for all work and communication processes. Instead of multiple apps, modules are integrated into the centralized platform and can be accessed on a single dashboard.

No-code workflow and project management

Another way a unified platform increases productivity is by empowering users to create their own workflows without the help of an IT expert. With a no-code workflow, businesses can easily plan, map, and manage their processes.
Workflows can be configured to meet specific business objectives. They can also be conveniently changed to improve existing processes.

Stress-free integration

A unified platform features a flexible integration architecture for applications and data. It connects all data sources and applications in an intuitive dashboard. It also ensures that all the latest data are synchronized across all tools. It unlocks silos and enables pervasive integrations.

Smart Reporting

Accurate and timely reporting is essential for business success. A unified platform where all data sources are accessible enables such smart reporting. It simplifies complex data, displays metrics on one dashboard, and monitors KPIs.

The Digital Workplace: A Robust Unified Platform

Businesses transitioning from physical offices to the virtual space can maintain and enhance their productivity through a digital workplace. This centralized platform enhances employee experience and improves productivity. Ultimately, this can lead to faster business growth.

With a digital workplace platform (DWP), employees can access all the digital tools they need to complete their tasks. The DWP puts together tools for collaboration, process management, and project management in an intuitive user interface.

A DWP is also equipped with tools for automation, integration, and reporting. Standard and repetitive processes can be automated so employees can focus on more important matters. Third-party applications can also be integrated for seamless workflows. Reports are generated automatically based on your metrics and KPIs.
With a robust and agile platform, a digital workplace can take your business further into the digital age. It will facilitate a smooth shift to a mainly remote workforce.

Enhance Productivity with a Unified Platform

While 75% of the employees in the BCG survey[3] maintained or improved their productivity on their individual tasks, only 51% indicated such productivity on collaborative tasks. This is an indication that many businesses still need to apply changes to their existing digital platforms.

By doing away with disparate tools and integrating all essential ones on a centralized dashboard, a unified platform exponentially enhances remote work productivity. Complemented by an intuitive user interface, remote teams can collaborate better and have increased visibility on project management. This can elevate not just individual productivity but team efficiency as well.

Kissflow is a digital workplace platform that can help businesses streamline all their processes. It integrates project management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, marketing campaigns, and virtually everything else your business needs. It does all these in a single centralized platform that is accessible to employees wherever they are and whatever channels they are using.

The business landscape is evolving fast. Uncertainties loom in the future. To ensure business growth and sustainability whatever the landscape is, businesses need to have a digital workplace strategy in place. It could also become a long-term solution, as the world shifts to full digitalization. Give Kissflow Digital Workplace a try and see how it increases productivity and boosts business growth.