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Remote Work

How Unified Communication Can Enhance Work From Home Productivity


There are numerous new challenges that organizations need to overcome as they embrace the remote work culture. Introducing more tools to your already growing list of applications may seem like an obvious solution, but what happens when your remote teams can’t keep up with these tools?

Organizations now use 16 SaaS apps on average and this number is steadily increasing with the increase in the remote workforce. But too many applications can actually hamper work from home productivity as employees will end up spending the majority of their time switching between these applications.

By centralizing work and communication through a unified communication platform, employees no longer have to toggle between multiple applications and search for siloed conversations and data. This leads to higher individual and team productivity.

What is unified communication?

Unified communication allows employees within an organization to communicate seamlessly through multiple channels which are all accessible through a centralized platform. It integrates different types of communication channels, including email, instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. The goal of unified communication is to streamline and improve internal company communications, productivity, and collaboration. Though it is important to note that unified communication does not signify a single technology. Instead, it is a high-level strategy created with the aim of integrating disparate communication tools into one single dashboard.

Unified communication allows users to seamlessly and quickly move from one mode of communication to the other from the same interface or platform. For example, a user may send an instant message and if they need more clarification, they can quickly get on a voice or video call with just a few clicks from the same interface, without the need to switch applications.

It also lets remote teams communicate in a more effective manner since they don’t have to constantly go back and forth between different communication apps for emails, chats, or video calls. With everything managed within the same platform, the conversations don’t get siloed and it becomes easier for team members to track down all the important files and messages which directly leads to better productivity and efficiency.

How unified communication can enhance work from home productivity

Easily switch between different modes of communication

Since a unified communication platform gives you access to all the different communication channels including emails, instant messaging, discussion threads, voice calls, and video calls through one single interface, you can quickly switch between different modes of communication.

You can have a long-drawn discussion with the team on a communication channel or thread, and then continue that discussion on a team call to lay down all the actionable tasks and important discussion points. You can also decide on a meeting time for team members and get on a video call whenever appropriate, right within the same tool.

Enhanced collaboration

Organizations thrive when employees collaborate to resolve problems and develop new ideas. Though collaboration doesn’t mean everyone has to be in the same room for it to happen. By digitizing business processes and adopting unified communication platforms, you can enhance remote team collaboration and make work from home all the more easier for everyone involved.

Unified communication helps close the communication distance between remote employees and allows them to work together, even when they are working from different countries and haven’t had any face to face interactions.

Better mobility for better productivity

Unified communication platforms offer people mobility by allowing them to access the tools from any device and any location. When employees are no longer chained to their desks, it becomes easier for them to respond to a quick message from a colleague or clear any pending approvals with just a few clicks, even from their mobile phones. This in turn leads to faster communication, improved efficiency, and better productivity.

Moving to a digital workplace for better unified communication

A unified communication platform is not enough to digitize your internal business processes and bring digital transformation to your organization. You need contextual collaboration along with unified communication in order to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency in the organization. After all, just giving employees a communication platform and expecting it to automatically improve communication and collaboration doesn’t work.

You need a platform like a digital workplace that can integrate all the necessary features and business applications that employees need to manage their work, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate seamlessly.

By allowing employees to access work-related data, files, and communication through one single platform you can forge professional business relationships, encourage remote employees to work seamlessly together, and build a digital culture in your organization.

Improve work from home productivity with Kissflow Digital Workplace

Kissflow is a digital workplace platform that allows organizations to streamline communication and collaboration by integrating all the different business applications and tools, and making them accessible through a centralized dashboard. It unifies communication and offers numerous features for teams to collaborate closely including private as well as public communication channels, file sharing, knowledge repository, surveys, nested comments for long-drawn discussions, and third-party integration with other communication tools to make your team meetings more effective and improve productivity.