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Eat the Frog Productivity Method: A Definitive Guide

When it comes to improving your productivity at work, only a few techniques can hold a candle to Brian Tracy’s Eat the Frog method. It’s simple, versatile, effective, and can make a difference from day one. So, what is the Eat the Frog method and how do you apply it effectively to boost your productivity. Let’s find out.

Why are we talking about eating frogs? It’s gross

You might wonder what a frog has got to do with productivity. Is it the secret diet of those ingrained in the hustle culture or something else? Don’t worry, the frog is obviously a metaphor in this case.

In this case, the frog represents the most important task in your schedule or a task that you absolutely have no motivation for. It’s something you hate but is too important to be delegated. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who’ll have to finish it.

The Eat the Frog principle requires a simple change that can make a huge difference in your productivity. The only thing you’ll have to do is to tackle that task (the frog) at the beginning of the day.

This would allow you to clear the biggest hurdle in front of you and keep you from procrastinating. You’ve already completed the most difficult and tiresome task of the day. That sense of accomplishment will keep you going, as everything else will seem easy in comparison.

Some people assume improving their productivity can’t be that easy. There is a lot to do and simply rearranging when you do it can’t make that much of a difference. That’s the beauty of this method. Mornings are when you are at your best. Wasting that time on easy and meaningless tasks would take your willingness to tackle the more difficult things later.

By reversing that order, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your productivity. The effects are widespread. Eat the Frog ensures that you complete at least one high-impact task every day. The cumulative effect of this would go a long way in helping you achieve your goals more efficiently.

The advantages and limitations of the Eat the Frog principle

The eat the Frog method is an excellent addition to anyone’s bag of tricks for increased productivity. It’s dead simple, needs no elaborate processes, and promotes a positive working habit.

Here are a few things that make the Eat the Frog method great

  1. It’s excellent for your mental peace. Knowing you’re done with the most taxing part of the day will be great for your mood
  2. It’s universally applicable. Doesn’t matter what industry you belong to, you’ll always have an important task you hate
  3. You’ll be able to concentrate better throughout the day
  4. You’ll routinely get things done by finishing at least one high-impact task every day
  5. You’ll get the full advantage of your most productive work hours
  6. It’ll be easier for you to motivate yourself and keep procrastination at bay

While there is no denying that the Eat the frog method is truly great, it has some limitations as well. Here are some of the most prominent disadvantages of this technique.

  1. Some people may find it demoralizing to start each day with the most difficult task
  2. Everyone works differently. Your best work hours may not be at the beginning of the day
  3. There is little or no room for improvisation. What if another essential task pops up midday? You’ll be too tired or demotivated to properly handle it
  4. Generally limited for small tasks that take less than 3 hours

Eating the frog works. How do I turn it into a routine?

Now that you’ve tasted the toad and seen the significant impact it had on your productivity, you’ll want to maintain it. Just like January gym subscriptions, many people start enthusiastically but give up halfway. You’re not one of them. You want to see this through and turn it into a positive work habit.

Excellent! Here’s what you need to do.

1. Start immediately: The biggest hurdle you’ll face is procrastination. Eating the frog requires you to get as far as possible from your tendency to delay things until the final deadline. The best way to ensure that is by implementing this method from today. Don’t think about it. Just select the most important task you have in your calendar for today and start tackling it from day one.

2. Pick the right frog: Having the right tasks is key to maintaining the habit. So, you have to be careful while selecting your frog. Your ideal task will be something important but not urgent. It will not require more than 3 or 4 hours to complete, and it will be something that you hate but has a significant impact on your long-term goals.

3. Break down an overly-complicated task: Sometimes, the task would be too complicated to complete in a few hours. You need to break such overly complicated tasks into small parts so they become easier to handle. Since they are not urgent, you’ll easily be able to distribute them over a couple of days and tackle one thing at a time.

4. Don’t prepare your frog in advance: Eat the Frog works differently than regular productivity methods that require a fair bit of planning. It’s nearly impossible to accurately forecast the incoming difficult tasks. You’ll waste your time. It’s better to focus on what’s in front of you and take one step at a time. You’ll still be planning your tasks for the day, but you won’t know which one you’ll do first until the time comes.

What to do if there are multiple frogs?

It’s plausible to have more than one frog. You must have gone through days where you had more than one difficult task piled up on your desk. Eat the Frog has the simplest solution for this issue. Just eat the ugliest one first. This means that you should focus on the most difficult task first and work your way down the priority list.

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