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Digital Workplace

How a Modern Digital Workplace Can Help Employees Be More Productive


Your company has adopted over a dozen applications and tools to keep up with today’s increasingly digital world and stay relevant. As a result, you are now paying separately for all of those applications–many of which have overlapping functionalities and no clear goals.

While you have noticed small pockets of productivity, most of the bottlenecks and challenges still remain and you have failed to see any major improvement in overall productivity or efficiency of the organization. So, where should you go from here?

The truth is employees don’t need dozens of applications to manage their work and perform efficiently. In fact, too many applications will only overwhelm your employees. They will end up spending most of their time toggling between applications instead of doing their actual work.

What employees need is a simplified, single platform that can help them access all the necessary digital tools and data together.

Modern Digital Workplace

What is a modern digital workplace?

A digital workplace integrates all the disjointed business applications used within the company and allows employees to access necessary work tools and data through a single platform. Whether teams are working from the same physical location or from remote locations around the world, they can closely collaborate and coordinate with each other with optimum productivity.

While infrastructure and technology are important considerations, the success of a digital workplace depends on the people and the way business problems are approached. As organizations try to integrate the newest technologies, many forget to address the necessary cultural shift that is needed to change the mindset of employees, without which digital workplaces cannot succeed.

Both the cultural aspect and technology part demand equal attention from business leaders because a company’s culture forms the very foundation of every digital initiative. When your employees are trapped in a fixed mindset, it can slow down, or worse, completely derail digital workplace initiatives.

By taking a thoughtful approach that focuses on the problems and challenges of the employees, you are able to build a modern workplace that expands the digital culture of the organization and encourages employees to perform their very best.

How does a modern digital workplace impact employees?

1. Increase in employee engagement

Organizations with engaged employees are able to pull 2.5 times more revenue than those with low employee engagement. If companies want to retain top talent and achieve a higher bottom line, prioritizing employee experience is crucial.

After all, employees are the biggest assets of a company, not the technology. No matter how much you invest in the latest technological tools, if employees are disengaged, then you won’t be able to see any visible results even after investing heavily in the latest technology.

Modern digital platforms are built keeping in mind the daily challenges of employees. They help employees perform in a faster and efficient manner which in turn leads to improved employee experience.

2. A transparent work environment

With a digital workplace, team leaders can clearly list out all the tasks that need to be done, assign it to the relevant members, and put down deadlines for it also. This directly leads to a more autonomous and transparent work environment where all the employees know their responsibilities and they feel accountable too. Moreover, it also helps teams cut down on excessive meetings and focus on their core work.

3. Focus on human work by automating mindless tasks

A digital workplace platform can automate repetitive and mindless tasks that take up too much of the employees’ time. This in turn allows employees to focus on more complex tasks that require problem-solving and coming up with innovative ideas. When employees are no longer bogged down by manual, boring tasks like data entry and validation, they are able to better maintain their work-life balance and approach their work with more enthusiasm.

How does a modern digital workplace impact efficiency?

1. Clearly specifies the goals you are trying to achieve

When all the projects, processes, and cases within the company are managed digitally, it becomes easier to track them and ensure the work is being done according to the speculated timelines.

It helps you get in the habit of reviewing the progress of important work goals routinely. It also allows you to recognize problems before they spiral out of control. After all, when projects deviate from how you thought they would go, taking action before it’s too late becomes crucial.

2. Avoids confusion by putting all the information in one place

A digital workplace gives employees central access to all of the business applications, tools, and data that they might need. It also allows business leaders to have better control over their organization.

There is a digital record of just about everything which you can refer to if there is any confusion or discrepancy. With more transparency, there are also lesser chances of any employee going rogue which will directly lead to more accountability, higher productivity, and minimal file redundancy.

3. Better collaboration and coordination

A digital workplace gives employees a platform where they can share their opinions openly and collaborate together. As a replacement of the physical office space, a digital workplace allows employees to work closely with their team members and coordinate seamlessly with employees from other teams.

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