The Benefits of a Digital Workplace

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Organizations around the world use an average of 16 SaaS applications[1] now. That means your team is probably losing a lot of time going back and forth between applications. Each application has a specialty use case depending on the type of work and what department is using it.

A digital workplace is a central place where all of your important operations data lives and moves. While 95 percent [2] of the organizations around the world agree that a digital workplace is important, only 38 percent of companies have actually implemented it.

As more and more employees are looking for remote work opportunities, it has become crucial for organizations to implement digital workplace platforms as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Digital Workplace Benefits

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is a virtual replacement of the physical office space. It is a single platform that integrates all the major business applications, information, and processes.

With integration and collaboration as the main founding principles, a digital workplace creates a central place for employees to access all the business applications that are used in the organization. It allows employees to perform their work responsibilities from any device and from any location.

The free flow of information in a digital workplace allows employees to be more flexible and in turn improves their overall productivity. At the same time, it also helps increase employee satisfaction and involvement by providing the right information at the right time

A digital workplace should:

  • Make it easy for remote employees to actively participate in work discussions
  • Be compatible with the existing applications so that the employees don’t have to spend too much time toggling between applications
  • Give users mobile access so that they can check any notification or information while they are on the move
  • Allow employees to upload and integrate all types of data
  • Analyze data and generate customized reports.

Digital workplace benefits

Creating a digital workplace involves implementing smart strategies to give employees the tools they require to connect, collaborate, and perform their core job responsibilities.

1. Creates a more collaborative culture

By providing your employees with all the tools that they need to communicate and coordinate with their team members, you are able to create a collaborative culture in your organization. Smart and reliable communication tools also cut down meeting times and give your staff more room for ideation and innovation.

2. Unites the workforce

Creating a transparent work environment where your employees are easily able to track the status of any task or project. This is in turn leads to less follow ups and emails between employees. When the staff is on the same page, they are able to focus more on the shared business and organizational goals.

3. More time for new ideas

By using the right technological tools and automating repetitive tasks through a digital workplace, you are able to make the work-life for your employees easier, which automatically leads to more productivity. That is because employees are able to use their freed up time for problem-solving and coming up with innovative ideas.

4. Allows employees to work remotely

When all the company data and applications can be accessed online from any device and from any location, it gives your employees more opportunity to work remotely. While over 99 percent of the workers[4] want to work remotely at least once their careers, 90% of them actually want to work remotely for the rest of their careers.

For organizations, that means, implementing digital workplace strategies will not only increase employee satisfaction but also help retain and attract talent.

5. Provide a better customer experience

When you have an engaged, efficient, and productive workforce, your customers are able to get the best of the talent and technology that your company has to offer. This leads to better customer experience and more satisfied customers who will most definitely come back to you for more business.

6. Save costs and invest elsewhere

By choosing a cost-effective digital workplace that allows your employees to work remotely, you can save costs, which frees up funds for you to invest elsewhere like launching a new service or product to expand your business as well as revenue

Find the right digital workplace tool for your business

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