Collaboration is much more than just chat.

Planning to rely on just chat for collaboration? Think again. Instant messaging platforms limit collaboration abilities and drown employees in a sea of notifications. They require people to always be online and are hard to untangle.

What you need is a contextual collaboration platform that can stretch across the entire organization and is built into the work you are already doing, including projects and processes.

What is the right choice?

With too many collaboration tools out there to choose from, you need a way to match your needs with options. These questions will help you zero in on the tool most suitable for you.


Is it flexible to your organization’s requirements?


Does it make it easier to share work and have conversations?


Is it good for both synchronous and asynchronous communication?


Does it keep distractions to a minimum?



Does it make it integrate with your other
workplace tools?


How quickly can a new employee adapt to your work culture using the tool?

What numbers say about today’s workplace

Collaboration is the buzzword of this century and the businesses that get it right are garnering success in their industries.


Gallup surveys every two years point to almost 70% of employees being actively disengaged at the workplace.


A high-engagement culture drives up productivity and profitability. The right tools to drive up engagement may result in a 21% rise in profitability.


In one year is the cost of paid hours dealing with workplace conflict in the US alone resulting from poor collaboration tools and practices.

X 5

Companies with a high collaboration culture are five times more likely to be successful and high-performing in today’s workplace scenario.

Old vs. New Collaboration

Wondering what your workplace would look like before and after the implementation of a digital collaboration platform? Here’s everything you need to know.
All work conversations happen over email and chatTeams use multiple options on the same platform
Data and conversations are siloed and difficult to accessIncreased cross-functional collaboration on open channels
Tidal waves of notifications and alerts suffocate workCustomizable notifications let workers focus while staying informed
An endless conveyor belt of conversations about workOrganized and accessible threads help you stay on topic
What happens in chat stays in chatDiscussions seamlessly turn into tasks, process items, and project cards
Shadow communication happens on multiple platformsOne secure and deeply searchable platform has everything you need

The right features you need for modern collaboration

Why just work when you can collaborate effortlessly on a digital platform? Know the features a digital workplace can offer you.

Channels built around work

Public and private channels built for projects, teams, and interest groups to discuss work and share files easily within the organization.

Announcements and polls

Go beyond posts with tools that enable quick polling on an issue or pinning an announcement to keep everyone informed.

Social media interface

Threaded conversations make sure that no one gets lost in finding the information they need, with reactions and GIFs to keep things light.

Top-level security

Channel moderators can quickly flag and delete posts and allow members to post anonymously for sensitive data gathering.

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