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Digital Workplace

How Cloud Technologies Are Favoring The Digital Workplace


With a single look, it’s easy to conclude that the cloud industry is big, and blowing up[1]. And rightly so. Driven by a wave of SaaS companies that are building tools that function completely on the cloud, the cloud economy is speedily replacing the legacy software tools we have used for long.

Beyond that fact, a clear trend is emerging. Even as the cloud is eating self-hosted software, it’s biased towards a specific niche. The digital workplace cloud solution. The modern cloud industry is revolutionizing how we work, with everything from tasks, projects, and creative processes completely managed and tracked over the cloud.

Put that together, and we have the modern workplace progressively moving towards the cloud so fast that it’s hard keeping track of its pulse..

Cloud technologies are consequently transforming the digital workplace sphere, making it easier to:

  • manage all our work in one place,
  • work with greater visibility since all the data generated across the organization is processed and delivered faster, and
  • gradually replace legacy workplace solutions

So, the trend is simple: the cloud is covering the world, and has found a friend—the digital workplace cloud based solution. Making the switch to a cloud-based digital workplace solution holds the potential to simplify productivity for your entire organization so everyone can do more in less time.


Here are several ways you can leverage the cloud economy to improve your digital workplace experience.


Speed is simply a measure of how fast information flows through your organization, and consequently, how tasks get carried out, and change is effected.

In the modern, information-driven workplace, we’ve come to see speed as the new normal. The power of the cloud is what makes all this possible.

Unlike legacy workplace solutions where information had to be manually queued for processing in your systems, a digital workplace cloud solution keeps tabs on whatever everyone is working on, takes in raw data, processes it in seconds, and relays it quickly to whoever else needs it.

What this does is drastically reduce or entirely eliminate time-to-knowledge so everyone across an organization can get the information they need to function.

Comparing modern digital workplace cloud based solutions vs. legacy workplace solutions gives us a clear winner. The one which does work faster and keeps everyone up to date.

Real-time collaboration

Another huge advantage cloud-based tools offer to forward-thinking organizations is the ability to work together on a project from any location.

Factor that into the digital workplace solution and you get an interesting picture.

A workplace solution is essentially the beating heart of an organization where everyone gets their information from and keeps the leadership updated on their progress on the job. That’s why the intranet was such a huge part of legacy workplace solutions. Everyone had to be connected in the same building so they could pass information across seamlessly without moving from desk to desk.

But then if you needed to leave the office, then tough luck; the whole system starts to fray.

Legacy digital workplace solutions were built with brick-and-mortar situations in mind so as technology progressed, it became hard for them to stay relevant in a world where the office is becoming less and less compulsory.

That’s where the cloud + digital workplace duo show up.

Powered by the cloud, the modern digital workplace makes it easy for teams scattered across geographies to get together virtually, build consensus and get work done with clarity—without being in the same building. This offers new opportunities for organizations to minimize operational costs, trim off inefficiencies, and do more with even less.

Automation & continuous platform growth

Before the rise of cloud-based digital workplace solutions, you could come up with one thousand ideas for your legacy intranet solutions. But in the end, you’ll only be able to use it as has been determined by those higher up.

And this rigid system of set down controls makes it difficult, impossible even, to do better work.

On the other hand, a digital workplace cloud solution is built to:

  • integrate with other tools you work with,
  • adapt to your systems and processes,
  • get better over time.

Thanks to the cloud, modern digital workplace solutions can easily be connected to other tools you already use so information flows freely through them. Likewise, they can be tweaked to manage the internal systems and processes your organization already uses.

Most importantly, digital workplace cloud based solutions like Kissflow get updated frequently and as a result, become better at helping your team do their best work.

So, while we’re trying to show how the explosion of cloud-based software is transforming the digital workplace, we can also see that a digital workplace solution beats legacy solutions in the race to the future. Digital workplace solutions are faster, more streamlined, and handle work more easily so it’s easy to follow.

The result?

Your organization can move faster, and do even more with less.

Kissflow is a digital workplace solution, built 100% on the cloud. It is designed to transform how your organization works. With customizable workflows, simple collaboration, intuitive controls, and a user-friendly interface, Kissflow makes it easy for entire organizations to switch to a digital workplace solution, without a difficult learning curve and with easier and faster outcomes.

Take Kissflow Digital Workplace for a spin here.