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Competition Policy


At Kissflow, we believe in a free market where competing products drive each other to new innovations, all benefiting the customer. Competition also forces products to push for excellence in security, professionalism, features, support, and customer relationships. We know our customers have other options out there when it comes to business process or workflow software, and we love it, because it means we can never be complacent in meeting your needs.

However, some products can confuse customers by stretching the meaning of certain keywords. In our case, Kissflow is a software platform for managing your business process workflows. But many vendors will use the word ‘workflow’ in very broad ways that don’t match with automated processes. You may end up trying to compare apples and oranges, or being convinced that you can use a pair of pliers to hammer a nail.

To help our customers clear this confusion, when you interact with our Kissflow product specialist team, they may ask you for the names of other products you are evaluating. Other vendors may use this as an opportunity to reveal the weaknesses of their competitors. We use it to make sure you are comparing the right set of software options. We know our category well and we can quickly tell if Kissflow is the right solution for you and if you are comparing it with the right kind of alternatives. If we find out the problem you are trying to solve is not a good fit for Kissflow, our product specialists will even recommend the right product for your need.

And if you are looking at some of our direct competitors, we always operate with respect and never talk bad about them just to make a sale, as we hope everyone in our category will also do.

Our strong conviction is that the best product at the right price will always be the winner. Leading Brands Rely on Kissflow's Low-Code and No-Code Solutions