A Manual Guide to
Workflow Automation


Workflow automation uses technology to automate the flow of data in business processes and replaces manual work with rule-based logic. Workflows include both human and system tasks, completed in a sequential way. When a workflow is managed by the system, it reduces processing time and manual errors while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Steps In Workflow Automation

A workflow automation process begins with a clear objective and ends at process evaluation. Here are 5 steps involved in carrying out a workflow automation plan:


How Can Workflow Automation Help?

Workflow automation can liberate any department from the burden of manual processes. Here’s how every team in your company can benefit from workflow automation software.


When the Arvada Fire Protection District started to face mounting purchase order requests, they shifted them from paper to email, but it created more problems than it solved. The workflow automation software they tried lacked major features and didn’t help.

See how Arvada Fire built their own workflow automation.

From customer onboarding to mobile plan upgrading and service cancellation, Vietnam’s telecom giant Vietnammobile was running the risk of jeopardizing sensitive customer data in their manual workflows. Their processes were prone to errors, difficult to track, and lacked accountability

See how Vietnammobile turned things around

“A good part of our operations and maintenance crews are constantly deployed (on the site) and having an easy-to-use app in their phones has simplified some previously tedious approvals like hotel stay expenses, airplane ticket approvals, travel expense reports, and so on.”

See how Servitron sped up processes for field staff.

“Once our staff understood the process part of kissflow, and how everybody plays a role and how long they took to complete their role...people became more receptive to how they can improve their part of the process.”

Hear how Project Syncere created a culture of automation

Workflow Automation Statistics

Still not convinced about the benefits of a workflow automation software? Here are a few statistics for you to think about.


Increase in revenue

After using Process and Marketing Automation


calls/month eliminated


million saved

After Cisco Systems automated their CRM process

3 Reasons

to Use Workflow Automation
  • Managing cost-efficiency,
  • Improving time-to-market and
  • Optimizing customer self-service.

Workflow Automation Highlights

There are lots of options in the workflow automation software market, but they aren’t all the same. Here’s a quick checklist to identify the must-haves in workflow automation software.

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