Interview with Poornachander Gourishetty, Winner – War of Workflows, talks about healthcare workflows




Last month we announced the winners of the War of Workflow contest. It was a tough competition among kissflow users across the world. Finally, two winners emerged:

  • Poornachander Gourishetty for creating Out Patient Visit workflow for healthcare industry.
  • Manfred Hucke for creating workflow that uses maximum number of kissflow features.

This week, we interviewed Poornachander Gourishetty about his War of Workflow experience and here it is: Poorna, thanks for taking time to speak with us about your winning entry “Out Patient Visit” workflow and your experience in participating in the War of Workflows contest.

How did you feel when you were announced as the winner of the War of Workflows contest?

I am really excited about being the winner of the WoW 2012 contest. I am even more excited that it’s the healthcare workflow that has topped the list.

What workflow did you choose for the contest? And why?

The workflow I designed for WoW, 2012 is an “Out Patient Visit” workflow. Healthcare is one place where you need things to be streamlined and focused. However, because of the number of people or dept involved, most of the times it is hard to control a patient’s treatment cycle. And imagine the number of documents you deal with for a patient’s treatment cycle. kissflow and Google is a great combination to handle this problem. I leveraged the rich options on kissflow that could make the workflow very simple.

How did you go about implementing your “Out Patient Workflow” workflow?

To begin with, I first identified the workflow participants viz. Patient, Front office, Nurse, Physician, Lab, Billing Clerk. I then identified their activities and sequenced them. Then I designed a form that almost looks like a clinical note with specific sections within. Finally, made decisions on what sections of this form could be visible and editable to each of the users (partly tried to bring in patient confidentiality).

How was experience using kissflow?

It was amazing. Very user friendly and has excellent controls.  With the user friendly architecture of kissflow, I hardly had to spend about 3-4 hours in realizing the workflow on kissflow.  In couple of hours any business can be running with their workflows on kissflow. As long as we are clear on what we want the workflow to be like, we will need few hours to make it happen on kissflow.

Do you see Healthcare companies adopting workflow tools?

Slowly but finally, we have realized how haphazard the current treatment cycle is and how important it is to introduce healthcare workflows in every practitioner’s office. With the healthcare industry embracing technology at a never before pace, we will definitely see how a workflow manager like kissflow will bring in light to better care and improved provider – patient relationships.