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Create a Vacation Request Approval Workflow for Google Apps


Managing vacation requests looks simple from afar, but supervisors and HR teams responsible for managing the process know how much of a hassle leave requests can be. Despite leave requests becoming largely digitized, many workplaces – especially, big teams – witness chaos because the process is carried out through emails, spreadsheets, and timesheets; and requests can’t be traced easily.

Automating the leave request process holds the key to making leave requests effortless, both for managers and employees. Whether it’s a one-day absence from work or a longer time-off, a leave request usually has to go through two levels of approvals – from the leave-requesting employee’s manager(s) and the HR department. Kissflow’s Vacation Request App not only helps you create a standard, streamlined path, it can also clear the confusion and help in tracking and auditing, which is not possible in emails and spreadsheets.

Kissflow has a pre-built Vacation Request Process that is part of its 50+ applications designed for mainstream enterprises to manage their everyday processes. You just have to complete a simple, 4-step wizard in Kissflow to kickstart a Vacation Request Workflow within minutes.

Take a look at the video above to help you create an easy-to-manage vacation request approval workflow for your company.

Automate the Vacation Request Process Today!

The leave request workflow can be completed in just a few hours and enables all employees to get a clear record of their leaves without complex email trails. Automating your leave request with Kissflow’s Google workflow keeps email confusion out of the way and facilitates smooth recordkeeping.

Kissflow Workflow is a Keep it Simple & Smart Google workflow app that simplifies the entire vacation request process possible for business users.