KiSSFLOW crosses 1000 signups Emerges as Top New App on Google Apps Marketplace for creating Workflows



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1000 companies across 86 countries sign-up for KiSSFLOW to automate creating workflows, becomes most installed new app on Google Apps marketplace

OrangeScape announced more than 1000 companies from over 80 countries are now using KiSSFLOW. KiSSFLOW is the first app specifically built for creating workflows on Google Apps. It offers companies a simple and efficient way to automate workflows around their existing email user base. These companies are now automating their travel claims; leave requests; budget approvals and other HR processes using KiSSFLOW.

“There is an interesting mix of business processes that are getting automated in companies, today” said Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder and CTO of OrangeScape. “First, they start off by automating simple workflows like leave requests. As their confidence grows, they move on to creating workflows that are sophisticated and domain specific. Healthcare workflow that won our workflow contest last month is good example of such workflow. It also demonstrates how KiSSFLOW can empower process owners to automate their business processes in days, which used to take weeks or even months earlier.”

Last month, KiSSFLOW was added to the Google Apps Marketplace™, Google’s online storefront for Google Apps™ products and services. It became the second most installed workflow app on Google Apps marketplace within the first month of its launch. This month, it reached another milestone to become the top new app across all categories on Google Apps Marketplace.

KiSSFLOW is free for 10 users and 10 workflow processes. The Standard edition is $3 per user monthly and $18 per workflow creator monthly. Full pricing and availability details can be found online. A free trial is available on the home page.

About OrangeScape

OrangeScape is a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) company. Its PaaS solution enables the creation of cloud-based, SaaS or on-premise business applications. OrangeScape-based applications have been developed across nearly 100 application categories: time sheet; payroll; loan origination, and more. Customers include AstraZeneca™; Citi®; Ford®; Pfizer™ and dozens more. OrangeScape also offers KiSSFLOW, the first workflow builder app specifically for Google Apps™. With KiSSFLOW, businesses can easily create HR and business approval workflow processes in a few simple steps. OrangeScape has secured $1M in an angel bridge round of venture funding. The lead investor is former CEO of Yahoo® India, Sharad Sharma. Other investors include Pramod Bhasin (former chairman, NASSCOM® and CEO of Genpact®); Linda Bernardi (CEO StraTerra Partners); Venkat Raju; and Raman Roy (CEO of Quattro Global Services). The company maintains offices in Mountain View, Calif. and Chennai, India. More information about OrangeScape and KiSSFLOW is available at and

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