Dynamic user assignment based on mapping in master data



Google Apps

Kissflow supports direct user or group assignment, organizational hierarchy and dynamic assignment using email fields in the form for assigning workflow participants. Additionally, users can also use the mapping in master data for assigning workflow participants.

How to use mapping in master data for dynamic user assignment?

Let’s take the example of an approval workflow for requesting access to a shared department folder with department specific documents. The approvals would be given by the respective department’s document manager. This can be  implemented easily by creating a master for list of folders and the approver mapping information.

Step 1: Add a dropdown field in the form and add the list of folders.

Step 2: Extend the dropdown “Folder” to create a Master. The first column must have the list of foldersbecause this is the dropdown that must be provided for the users. Add a column to capture the approvers responsible for granting access. The approvers column must have the email ids of the approver.

Step 3: Add a email field in the form for approver. Click on More > Formula and enter <folder dropdown field name in the form>.<approver column name from folder master>

Step 4: Assign the email field field for approver as the user for the approval step.