Finance Workflows

When Is the Best Time to Start?

Pablo owns a business that is rapidly growing in scale–10x from last year. With this sudden explosion, he hasn’t planned ahead for growth in the finance department. Like many new CEOs, he assumed that larger sales didn’t necessarily mean more work for the finance team, assuming they’d just be adding more zeros onto their numbers.

True organizational growth is growth for all departments

With more people making purchase orders, an increasing number of vendors and employees, and intensifying department budgets, he quickly became aware of the need for more help.

Hiring more staff isn’t the solution–It’s just plugging a leak.

Pablo’s first thought was to hire more people. But his CFO, Anita, said she thought the same team could handle the load if they could use more automation. Pablo already had a pretty sophisticated marketing automation plan, but hadn’t thought about automating finance before.

Is now the right time for automated financial process management? Is Pablo’s company too early? Or too late?

Automation is less repetitive, and more innovative.

Automation is Laying the Groundwork for Growth

Most business owners think of automation as something that you should do once you’ve achieved some stability in your growth. But that’s a common mistake. You should be automating while you are growing, and even before. When you create automated finance workflows even when you are still small, you are creating the infrastructure that will let your company scale.

You should be automating while growing, even before.

Anita approached Pablo about her plans. She realized that by laying out some automated plans, her team could focus on more high-level work while the machines took care of all the data transfers and journal entries.

Another reason to start automating sooner is that it will get harder and harder to automate once you’ve grown to a certain size. Your habits get stuck in place, and you often have more people than you need, who might feel threatened by the automation.

Too many cooks spoil the broth; too many people spoil automation.

Start Building Your Hybrid Team

As businesses like Pablo’s continue to evolve, they need to build a team of both systems and humans. Some tasks are going to be handled best by humans, and others by software.

Succeeding in the age of automation is the reduction of friction between humans and machines. The sooner Anita can put together her team, the sooner people can get used to working with systems, and the better everyone can learn what works best.

Achieve a synergy between your staff and systems.


By automating, here are some of the benefits Anita says Pablo can get for the organization.

Start Saving Costs Now

Investing in automation software is a lot cheaper than hiring new staff for additional roles.

Invest in Saved Time

No more spending valuable hours training new staff on workplace protocol and procedures.

People Are Forgetful

No confusing mess of messages to read through. Essential data is organized to pull up anytime.

Avoid Mistakes

Humans are prone to errors, machines aren’t. Prevent mistakes in manual data transfers.


Instead of hiring new staff, Pablo can take Anita’s advice and invest in automation. The finance department is a place where mistakes can be extremely expensive. Whether it’s a late payments to vendors or miscalculations in invoices, automation can fix all of these problems. Finance workflows in products like KiSSFLOW are also pre-built, and ready to use. With this, you don’t even need to set up anything. Plug and play, and you’re good to go.

When scaling, hiring is only one half of the solution. Automation is the other half.

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