We are changing the way people build workflows!

Create a Custom Form by adding fields, sections and tables to capture data for workflows.

Easily add a field to your form by entering the field name and selecting the field type.

  • Drag-and-drop form fields to reorder

  • Pre-populate form fields with defaults

  • Drag-and-drop form fields to reorder

  • Pre-populate form fields with defaults

Build workflows for the ideal and expected flow of events, and let KiSSFLOW
take care of deviations.

Use pre-defined patterns such as “Approve Request” and “Provide Input” to implement your workflows.

Manage Master Data Sets

  •   Maintain master data related to employees, supervisors and managers

  •   Maintain suppliers and vendors data

  •   Create unlimited datasets that you can use in your process


Monitor Your Requests

Track which process request is struck with whom and for how long.
Find out the estimated completion-time for a request
Follow a request’s history


Find Process Bottlenecks

Find your fastest and slowest performers
Find your Process Efficiency
Track average, minimum and maximum time of your processes, and each of its step



Generate Custom Reports

Use our existing KPI reports
Generate ad-hoc reports based on your need
Share your Reports with reports with your Colleagues
Generate process specific summary reports

Configure your Workspace

Use KiSSFLOW in the language you prefer
Follow your own localization for currency, date format etc.
Change your KiSSFLOW, update your own logos.



Delegation Approvals during Absence

Delegate your task to someone else on your absence
Re-assign process requests to a different manager
Re-assign process steps to a different approver

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