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We have 6 month processes with dozens of handoffs. Kissflow gives us the ability to track it all instantly. I can't imagine running our business without it. You guys mean the world to us.

Wemett & Hall

Organisations in the service industry have got to be on their toes at all times to stay afloat in the fierce competition. The key to be successful is to provide the clients with the best service. It’s no different for tax litigation firms, to be successful in the line of business the organisation must either be a well established firm or should empty it’s pockets to get the resources and tools needed to get on top of the competition. Nicholas of Wemett & Hall has a different story to narrate.

Wemett & Hall is a premier residential property tax grievance firm assisting the residents in the state of New York. When the property tax rates skyrocket beyond your mortgage, these men can bring down the tax rates and help you live in peace.

The Wemett & Hall Story:  Filing tax grievances has always been a long tiring process and winning the case is a completely different story. It’s for these reasons that tax consultants are approached, all of us like to save big on taxes and get the whole process wrapped up ASAP. When filing a single application can take a toll of us, one can simply imagine the scenario at a tax consultant’s office. 

Tracking Lengthy Litigation Processes: It’s well known that litigations are laborious processes and take months to complete. With a myriad of activities taking place in each of these processes, even the slightest glitch can slow down or derail the entire progress. At Wemett & Hall, each business process gets triggered with client onboarding and terminates after multiple court hearings, when the case comes to close.  With each of these process being lengthy and complex, it becomes necessary to track the progress of each activity, to eliminate any mishap.

Collaborating With Geographically Dispersed Team: Every litigation involves multiple activities in it’s process tree, each activity having their own complexities and dependencies. The team at Wemett & Hall believes in providing their clients with the best possible solutions in the shortest span of time as their core philosophy. Wemett & Hall work in collaboration with experts to keep up with their philosophy.

With Wemette & Hall’s team of experts being geographically dispersed, exchanging files and data for each of those numerous processes, tracking the progress of each case through ad hoc systems using emails and phone calls proved to make the job a lot more tougher.

Economical ERP Solution: Nicholas Hall wanted a  Collaborative  Business Process Management  solution, one that would enable his team to design the flow of his business and track the progress of each process, enabling his team to work seamlessly from anywhere. He was on the look out for a tool that provided an overview of the flow of processes.

Kissflow enabled Nicholas to design a mini ERP-Like system for Wemett & Hall. With the workflow process in place, Wemett & Hall have been able to save big without having to invest in an expensive ERP tool. We, at Kissflow are just excited to have helped Wemett & Hall in accelerating and expanding their business. Having created an ERP solution for his organisation, Nick, is a power Kissflow user we are proud to have. 🙂

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