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Wilfried Schaffner, CEO

You just opened shop; you’ve a great product and your customer base is growing, what do you need next? Most entrepreneurs and business owners look for tools that make their lives more easier and a lot more productive. Why? For one, you don’t want banal activities in your daily operations to slow your organisation’s progress. Say, a team member decides to take a short vacation or opts to work from a different location without informing the team well in advance, the chances of your organisation’s plans getting squashed are pretty high. Although it seems trivial a matter to be worried about, when the team is well informed of a members’ absence it helps them plan activities and schedules on priority basis. This is a huge boost that maintains the productivity of the team despite a members absence.

tripwolf, a start-up located in Vienna, is known for it’s award winning travel guide applications. tripwolf combines travel tips from professional travel writers, with a vast collection of travel information, experiences and reviews from a worldwide community of travelers, providing every bit of information a traveler would need.

In order to track the availability of member resources many organisations set up vacation approval or leave approval processes. A simple process where, the member sends a leave request to a senior authority , usually the manger, mentioning the date and duration of his or her absence and the manager approves or denies the request.

Simple as it sounds, many organisations employ papers and emails to keep track of leave requests. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just that to approve leave requests the manager has to sign papers or has to send emails in response to approve the requests. The manager will also have to advise the other team members of the unavailability of an employee.

With the manager handling innumerable tasks at once, the possibility of the request being overlooked or the papers getting lost; or him simply forgetting to inform the team members of the co-worker’s absence can bring in the most unwanted chaos.

Wil of tripwolf was looking out for a solution to crack this very problem. He wanted a workflow tool that was easy to use for the members of his team and that was simple enough to create process flows. A solution that made him more productive and didn’t eat into his existing productivity.

As of today, Wil has automated tripwolf’s leave request process with Kissflow. With the ability to integrate Zapier with Kissflow, Wil connected the leave request approval processes with tripwolf’s calendar. Approving leave requests; intimating team members; blocking calendar dates all done in a few touches! And with the SLAs, there is no way a request goes overlooked  🙂

Kissflow, with it’s clean and simple layout and host of features, is used as a productivity powerhouse by numerous start-ups across the world. tripwolf is one such organization that has made best use of Kissflow to solve their problem and have met their goal of keeping their productivity up and running.

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