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Kissflow has added a lot of consistency, and our processes are more centralized now.

Lee Carlton, IT Analyst and Marketing Coordinator

THINK Global is a Travelling School that imparts world-class education to it’s students through an unique experience of learning subjects in the best possible environments. As a travelling school, students of TGS study in twelve countries over four years visiting significant historical, cultural, and scientific sites while building new skills and relationships with those around them.

Quite obviously, departments in educational institutions work in coherence to provide the best for the students. While the academic department decides the curriculum, the administration ensures the resources necessary for the course are made available and of course, almost every move requires approval from the finance department.

Although the whole exercise seems simple, it is so only on the periphery. Every department has a methodical approach toward executing each of it’s processes. And each of these processes come with the baggage of suggestions, iterations, modifications and approvals. By the end of these processes, what seemed trivial would have snowballed into a perpetual yarn of mangled wool leaving everyone clueless.

PDFs – an incomplete solution:

Members of THINK Global School are globally dispersed and are often required to work in collaboration. Collaborative working means numerous hands interacting with a document or data at the same time, an activity that is certain to leave the document tampered. In order to meet the requirements of collaborative working and at the same time retain the document’s integrity, institutions often settle for PDFs.

Although data integrity can be retained with PDFs, carrying out an approval processes over PDFs would mean creating fresh documents for every modification and suggestion made. Of course, it brings along with it the nightmare of tracking emails carrying suggestions of changes and approval requested and denied. With tons of emails and documents piled up, the chances for key information to be overlooked is high.

Relying on PDFs completely for collaborative working increases chances of human error and provides room for inconsistency and inefficiency.

The complete solution: 

THINK Global Schools adopted Kissflow for their institution’s operations and seem to have found their ideal solution, here is why:

  • The ease of creating fail-proof workflows makes working in collaboration across departments a cakewalk. Suggestions for modifications can be made within the workflow, leaving an audit trail of each modification and approval made in the process.
  • Kissflow makes it possible to connect external participants to workflows, making collaborative working real. It brings in a direct connect between the institution and external vendors or job seekers etc. Making the approval processes easier for the finance, administration and HR processes.
  • With each process automated, participants members involved in the workflow are not imposed with the monotonous and painful task of tracking processes. Features like SLAs and KPI reports help keeping a check on each and every participant in the workflow.
  • With data available on the cloud at all times, members can access the data as and when they want, no matter what their geographical coordinates are.
  • TGS now have numerous processes, administrative; financial and others core to their organisation, automated. With collaborative working made easy, it has brought in more consistency and made process a lot more streamlined.

Many educational institutions like THINK Global School have automated numerous innovative processes in their respective organisations. We recently published a study on the processes automated by various educational institutions, find out what processes educational institutions across the world have been automating

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