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It’s amazing when life works out just how you want it to. You know what you need, and you get exactly what you wanted: a new shirt, a hankering for a ice cream sundae, or that house that you know you will own forever.

For SII Group in Chile, they got that feeling with Kissflow.

SII Group Chile is a subsidiary of the French multinational. It primarily provides IT services for banks and other large companies in Chile and Colombia. They were on the hunt for a workflow management system that would be simple to implement and easy to manage as they automated their back-office finance processes.

Most of their processes were still email-based, and every day was a reminder that they were wasting time and data. Processes are important for an IT company that services large banks and they needed a tool that gave them tight control over the processes and also digitized the entire workflow. The ability to audit the process was also important, and email and printed Excel spreadsheets just weren’t cutting it any longer.

“We found what we were looking for.”

SII Group Chile looked at a few different options, but quickly settled on Kissflow. It had the right features, the right capabilities, and the right price.

The most attractive feature for SII Group Chile was Kissflow’s intuitive controls. There is no need for any background in programming – anyone who can map out a workflow can create one. They compared it to a toddler picking up an iPad – you just know what you are supposed to do with it. Other products had similar features, but had a much steeper learning curve.

Mindblowing support

After creating their first workflows, SII Group Chile contacted the Kissflow support team. They found them to be very quick and responsive. One of their main concerns was improving the Spanish translations, which the team quickly fixed. “They are really a 10 out of 10.”

“I like it; I’d love to use it more!”

SII Group Chile is enjoying their new freedom from the necessity of signing printouts for every purchase order. Now they can make approvals on the run, in between customer meetings.

They are actively thinking through new ways to use Kissflow Workflow to make other departments just as efficient.

If you are tired of working with software that doesn’t think like you, give Kissflow a shot. Take a free 7 day test drive and find out what all the buzz is about.

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