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SAPIN is a leader in can manufacturing throughout the Middle East and beyond. They produce all sorts of packaging cans, and even provide graphical services for the packaging.

SAPIN started looking for a workflow solution when their purchase order process started to get out of hand. With over 200 employees, every day was filled with requests from different departments. They initially tried to manage the workflow with paper forms and an online server tool. However, they quickly realized that their workflow could not be easily implemented.

We Need Features

SAPIN’s workflow involved getting a lot of information from a lot of people spread out across the region. So they needed to start with something cloud-based so that everyone could access the workflow at any time.

They also needed several conditions built into the workflow. Not every step needed to happen every time – either based on purchase amount, department, or other parameters.

Finally, it was imperative that they could set up automatic SLA notifications to make sure all items were processed smoothly. POs were taking much too long and the finance team didn’t have a way to follow up on individual items.

Kissflow to the Rescue

SAPIN stumbled on Kissflow as the best workflow management software for their situation. “Kissflow is incredibly flexible. It helped us create various workflows for several processes and it’s very user-friendly.” In addition to meeting all of their requirements, they also love the support and being able to create, filter, and share reports at any time.

SAPIN managers were even more excited to know that they could install the Kissflow mobile app and handle approvals while they were on the go.

After implementing Kissflow, SAPIN was able to shorten the time it took to process purchase orders by 75%! And they also have a complete documentation trail for each item.

You might say that SAPIN has become a little addicted to Kissflow. After creating the initial automated purchase order process, they kept going. Now SAPIN has 63 active processes.

Workflow Software for Everyone

If you have a purchase order process that needs automated, but have a lot of specific features you need, try Kissflow and watch the work start flowing.

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