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We kept looking for a solution and were finding it difficult to find one that fit our need, until we found Kissflow.


Maxiforex is an international online forex trading company that provides its customers with the most modern services to trade in the world market. The company is equipped with a modern dealing center and actively collaborates with a number of financial media. It has specialists in financial risk management and professional traders with extensive experience in the foreign exchange markets.

During our recent conversation with Pavel Schmidt, Manager of Operations at MaxiForex, he spoke to us on the necessity and benefits of process automation in their organization. 

MaxiForex handles hundreds of clients every day and each client has a lot of expected interactions. Communication forms an essential part of their organization with numerous transactions taking place every hour. MaxiForex had a structured flow for each process, however they were carrying it out using paper.

Perpetual Paper Processing: The obvious and well-known problems of paper processing pushed the folks at MaxiForex to their limits. Instead of focusing on their actual business, the employees had to travel between desks, exchanging paper documents and ensuring the processes and requests were approved on time. Pavel and his team at MaxiForex were looking for a solution to bring structure to their internal transactions.

Finding An Ideal Solution: Pavel and his team found their ideal solution in Kissflow. They have been able to create workflows along the lines of their needs with ease. Processes don’t fall through cracks any longer and data doesn’t get compromised. Tracking the status of tasks is simple, and they have a clear view where each process is and the reasons behind any delay.

Bringing the Focus Back To Business: With Kissflow, MaxiForex has brought back their focus to their business. The need to run between desks, wait for approvals, and waste numerous hours has now been eliminated. Pavel and his team now find it extremely easy to create workflows and approval processes using Kissflow and have plans of automating many other business processes.

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