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With KiSSFLOW, we automated approval workflows and streamlined the sequence of operations.

Sonali, Lumiere Solutions

Lumière Business Solutions is a research and consulting firm that provides marketing research solutions to its large clientele. Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India, the organisation has regional offices and associates in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Wellington. Providing solutions for over 15 sectors, including banking; telecom; healthcare and media, the organisation’s core expertise lies in its approach towards garnering high-quality information. During our recent conversation Sonali Salvi, Sr. Technical Executive at Lumière, highlighted the significance of handling service requests efficiently and how process automation helped her organisation in this space.

With the core teams of Lumière focusing on the main line of business, customer interaction; conducting research & providing solutions, they heavily relied on the back office service teams for support at various junctures of their operational flow. They also rely on Google Apps to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently. These service requests were extremely crucial for the organisation’s smooth functioning and Lumière couldn’t risk the requests being overlooked or failing deadlines.

Necessity to Track Processes: With the organisation seeing numerous requests raised day in and day out, they were often clueless on the status of the service requests. Although Lumière had a custom system built in their intranet, it failed to provide them a vantage-point to see the status of service requests. Their system maintained a log of who was assigned what task, for communications they were still dependent on emails. This left enough room for tasks being overlooked and errors in carrying out tasks, eventually deadlines were not being met, stalling the flow of operations. The folks at Lumière wanted a solution that reduced the communication gap between the teams, that would help them identify the nodes of failure and provide a platform where the teams could collaborate and work.     

Finding Solution In Process Automation: With Kissflow Lumière has their Finance & Administrative processes automated. Apart from generic processes, Sonali has automated many others specific to the organisation’s needs. They can now track the status of tasks and service requests with much ease.  By automating processes, the flow of processes are more streamlined and communication has become a lot more better. Kissflow has brought in accountability and tasks are no more overlooked. The folks at Lumière can now monitor the progress of tasks through reports and track down the tasks to closure effectively. 🙂

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