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Kissflow has helped many companies create simpler workflows and enhance their overall productivity. We recently spoke with Peter Gordon, GM of EMEA region at LLamasoft, Inc., a US-based software company that designs supply chain management software. LLamasoft’s works with the top supply chain companies in the world to improve the elements in their supply chain process and make better decisions about configuring themselves for the future.

Why Workflow?

LLamasoft has been growing quite rapidly in the last few years. They’ve exploded to nearly 400 people, and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Gordon says teams within the organization quickly ran into trouble as a result of the quick growth. Things were much simpler when the company size was small and everybody knew everyone else. “It was easy enough to have dialogue.” Now, LLamasoft was faced with extremely fast growth, both organic and through acquisitions.

“As we moved to a more disciplined and divided structure, what we found was the need to try and show things together and ensure that we (the teams) coordinated well. I started looking for a workflow solution and that’s where I came across Kissflow and played around with it a bit,” Gordon said.

For his company, choosing a good workflow software was a deliberate step to enable the teams to deal with bigger scale of operations.

The Scene Before Implementing a Workflow

Being a close-knit company, LLamasoft didn’t use a software-driven workflow solution before choosing Kissflow. Even after expanding the team size, they still stuck to using email to manage their workflows. That led to long email trails and difficulty tracking individual items. Gordon says it was causing a lot of inconsistency because a person would promise something to someone else and instead of delivering a task on time, they completely lost track of it.

Once this started to affect LLamasoft’s deliverables to clients, Gordon immediately started to look for a better solution.

Kissflow makes it “Much More Simple”

Gordon’s team recently introduced a purchase order trial through Kissflow, which, in his own words, is “much more simple.” LLamasoft’s sister operations, the other half of the company that operates from Europe, noticed some of what Gordon’s team was doing and they used Kissflow to initiate an engineering trial for their own use.

“That’s working well for them,” Gordon shared.

Kissflow has given scalability to the teams at LLamasoft. Gordon chose a workflow solution for his teams because he wanted to make sure all the corresponding departments were properly involved in the processes. So they set up Kissflow for the purpose following through tasks which has worked wonders for the company.

Other Benefits

Gordon likes being able to set up a process by himself in Kissflow because the app interface is easy to use and intuitive. It is also fairly simple to configure the Kissflow wizard, send people emails about task updates, and collaborate across the teams. Most importantly, Kissflow does what its users want.

Gordon said the reports from Kissflow has helped his team create transparency. It is easy for a task initiator to go into a process flow and see if there is anything lagging behind.

Looking forward, LLamasoft is planning to increase how they use Kissflow to build up a database of historical activity to optimize the report insights in the future!

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