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Why Procurement is Essential for Creativity

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When Illumivation Studios does something, they do it big. They provide design, fabrication, and installation services for large physical creative projects in the Chicago area.

Recently, Illumivation Studios was looking for a procurement system. Their team moves fast, and each project might have several dozen procurement requests attached to it.

Initially, they handled all of their requests with hard copies. It was slow, tedious, and didn’t fit their style.

“That was horrible,” said Quinn Campbell, Technical Design Lead for Illumivation.

Quinn then tried nearly ten other solutions to find something that would fit their needs. However, most of the options out there were quite expensive ($100 per user per month? Seriously?) or lacked the right flexibility and features. Illumivation’s procurement process also fit into the 99% of workflows that don’t need extremely complex features.

As soon as Quinn stumbled on Kissflow, he was immediately intrigued at the idea of being able to make custom workflows for Illumivation Studios. They started using Kissflow and immediately saw the value.

“The biggest thing for us is eliminating all of the paper forms and hard copies,” said Quinn. “It also speeds up the buying process as people don’t have to wait around for approvals.” However, the area that they see the most benefit in is with the mobile app.

“I can have someone at the store who sees something they need for a project. They create a request right then, and I can approve it immediately whether I’m in the office or on the go.” And they get the same documentation tracking they would have if they had done everything with paper forms.

Quinn still gets emails from the other tools he tried out before, but he said there’s no chance he’ll leave now. Kissflow has all of the most important features at a good price.

If you are looking for an easy way to create your own automated procurement process software, give Kissflow a shot first. That way, you can save yourself from all the emails later on.

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