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Hazel Dell

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Kissflow lets me focus on what matters the most instead of administrative tasks.

Pastor Mark Wright, Senior Minister

Hazel Dell Christian Church is located in Indiana, USA. Their purpose is to reach out to more people for Christ and help them to live like him every day. Over the last two decades, they’ve experienced a lot of growth, and with that growth has meant adding staff members.

Mark Wright, Lead Pastor, Hazel Dell Church spoke to us on how they automated some of their internal administrative processes.

Overcoming Hindrances

As the number of staff grew, there was a lot of chaos and internal changes that take place in any organization. They had a dedicated administrative assistant to manually handle all their internal process like Leave Requests, Vacation Requests, Sick Leaves, etc. for their organization. But whenever someone had questions, they usually walked up to Pastor Mark or sent him an email.

Pastor Mark was still ultimately responsible for handling all those tasks and it started becoming difficult and burdensome for him to handle. “I never know how much time I was wasting with these requests until I looked into it.” That’s when he realized that they needed a new solution.

Everything that happened in the management of the church such as communications, actions, and requests were manually recorded on paper or email. They even had many requests that required printing off an email and stapling it to another before filing it in a cabinet.

They wanted a tool where they could handle everything digitally and be able to manage things with less stress and chaos.

Encounter With Kissflow

In 2017, Pastor Mark explored and found Kissflow. Mark Wright says, “What freedom Kissflow brought when we started using it! When we began our ministry in the church this tool was not available.” After implementing Kissflow they found it to be simple and easy to use. Pastor Mark says, “My favorite thing about Kissflow is that it just creates a cleaner desk for me, less cluttered, and everything is in one place.”

Kissflow gives Pastor Mark an opportunity to focus on more important things. For a person with a lot of responsibilities, Kissflow helps him stick to the core of his tasks. Pastor Mark says, “Kissflow will be a great benefit to the day-to-day operations to your church and to your leadership.”

Krista Dunbar, Communication Specialist stated that after switching to Kissflow they created a communication process that lets them add multiple people to the process. Kissflow’s attachment field lets them attach/import media to the process that makes it easier for them not to chase around after each item. “Kissflow served its purpose as we are able to bring all that we need in one place,” she said.

Future Plans

At Kissflow we are thrilled to help Hazel Dell Church in reaching their goal to respond and serve people. Hazel Dell will continue to use Kissflow as it helps them to streamline their internal process to be chaos free.

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