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The significance of tracking expenditure is something most people are aware of and acknowledge. However, at most organisations expenditure tracking is treated as secondary if not a tertiary function. Although this may not be the attitude of the organisation as such, employees usually notify the finance department of their expenses only in the last minute, placing the pressure on the finance department.

GreenCube Global is a global business intelligence company that provides enterprise performance management solutions to its growing clientele. The organisation has presence in multiple locations across South East Asia, including Singapore, Mumbai and Bangalore. With employees and resources distributed, keeping track of expenditure incurred by the organisation can be exceedingly difficult.

Conventional Tracking: 

Typically, in a payment approval process, an employee sends an email to a senior authority who, upon approving, sends it across to the finance department. By the end of the process, the members involved would have exchanged numerous calls and emails just to know the status and make sure the process is complete. Essentially, one would have to keep track of emails to track their processes in addition to making multiple calls to remind the parties involved. In such a situation, one can be rest assured of processes falling through 😉 !

Foolproof Solution:

Yogesh Dalvi, the COO at GreenCube Global, was on the lookout for a robust system to track their organisation’s travel expenses and payment approvals. With Kissflow, Yogesh was able to construct robust workflows to automate GreenCube Global’s travel expense and payment approval processes. Employees can simply initiate a request with supporting documents and needn’t send multiple emails and track the status of the process.

With Kissflow, expense tracking process is a cakewalk for organisations. By automating financial processes at GreenCube Global, Yogesh was able to reduce the burden on his financial team. At Kissflow, we are glad to help Yogesh and his team in making their lives easier. 🙂


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