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KiSSFLOW helped us get rid of our paper documents. It's simple and easy to manage. Processing invoices used to takes two weeks now it takes only two hours.

Lukasz, GoldenLine

GoldenLine is a web platform that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients. Located in Warsaw, Poland, GoldenLine employs a team of hundred to provide the best services to it’s members. With over a million profiles in GoldenLine, it is Poland’s biggest Business Social Network. During our recent conversation, Lukasz Wroblewski, Senior Analyst at GoldenLine, talks to us about how and why they automated processes.

Paper-run office: Many organisations, when they start up, find it convenient to have a paper-run office. In the initial stages when the number of aspects contributing to running the organisation are a few, a few clients; a few contracts and have a small number of employees to run the show, paper seems just fine for all the invoices; contracts and approvals.

As GoldenLine expanded it’s business, it became increasingly difficult for them to run their office on paper. They had a set approval process for their invoices; contracts and other internal processes, carrying these approval processes over paper was a laborious task. The papers and files had to be moved manually from table to table until the invoice; contract or request was approved. More often than said, process owners would find themselves spending hours trying to locate the status of each task in the process. Carrying out organisational process over paper was something the folks at GoldenLine wanted to put an end to, say Lukasz.

Workflow Automation: GoldenLine was looking for a solution that enabled them to tracked their organisation’s processes and adhered to their line of business, which they could do with a paper-run office. They were looking for a workflow tool that would allow them to create process flows along the lines of their business’ flow of operations. The just wanted to know the status of each task in every process occurring in their organisation. Since GoldenLine was already a Google Apps customer, using Kissflow was an obvious solution for them.

Process Accelerated from 1 Week To 2 Hours: GoldenLine located the solution to their problem in Kissflow. They were able to automate their internal processes with ease. Tracking processes became much easier and saved much of their money and time.

Automating External Processes: Having been successful in automating processes integral to their business, like invoices and contract approvals, GoldenLine progressed to the next stage of automating processes that are mundane and consumed much of their time, ones which didn’t contribute directly to their business. GoldenLine has now automated their employee onboarding process. The automation provides the newbie with all the accesses and accessories to get started with work and keeps the HR team updated about the new employee, saving loads of time for the organisation.

Organisations like GoldenLine have been smart in making the most of workflow automation. Kudos to Lukasz and his team at GoldenLine for having identified and understood the need of process automationg in their line of business.

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