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KiSSFLOW makes it easy to manage complex information. I get the right reports I need every time!

Duncan Campbell, Owner Expo Connections

Expo Connections Australia, founded in 2013 is a small event-logistics company that caters to its client’s needs throughout the year. The organisation is spearheaded by its founder and owner Duncan Campbell, who has a whole lot of experience in managing people, events and logistics. Expo Connections is known for consistently delivering workable solutions for their customers, superior customer service, and practical know-how. Duncan, during our recent conversation, spoke to us  about how Expo Connections streamlines processes to meet the logistics demands.

Expo Connections carries out series of events throughout the year, often working with new teams during every other assignment. With a sequence of events lined up, Duncan had to ensure his team delivered the right accessories to the right customers without fail. A simple system to organize the process, from collating information provided by the customer – the event venue; the materials requested; the quantity and other specifics, to sorting the materials and tracking the progress of each task. All of this was critical to Expo Connection as a delay in delivery would cost them a customer’s trust.

Pseudo Solution- Spreadsheets:  Duncan and his teams at Expo Connections found a simple solution in using spread sheets to gather information and to track the progress of tasks. With the organisation using spreadsheets more as a load sheet, it seemed an obvious fit. Only until the problems of data inconsistency arose. With information being collated on spreadsheets directly, the threat to data integrity was always imminent. Corrupted data meant a lot of running around and unwanted chaos, causing delay in delivering

Organizing & Tracking With Workflows:  Duncan was looking for a solution that helped him collate data; plan events; store and control the flow of goods and services. Paul, a Kissflow power user, introduced Duncan to Kissflow and helped set up workflows at Expo Connections.

Organisations have been able to set up workflows and have their processes streamlined in 5 simple steps on Kissflow. In return for the time invested in setting up workflows, organisations have knowledge on the flow of processes and status of tasks, which gives them a key advantage of adapting to the changing scenario as and when needed.  Expo Connections have their logistic management streamlined now. With no cracks in the flow of processes, tasks are tracked down to completion. Tracking the delivery of goods and services to Expo Connection’s clients is now a cake walk for Duncan. 🙂

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