The Simplest Purchase Order Approval Software

Use automation to gain more control and streamline your POs with an advanced purchase order approval system from KiSSFLOW

Key Features of Purchase Order Approval Software

Actionable Insights

Track and control organizational spend with ready-to-use reports

Interactive Dashboard

Obtain an accurate status of every approval request at a glance

Real-Time Reminders

Keep stakeholders up-to-date on PO status with automated alerts

Enforce Accountability and Compliance

Without the right information and visibility, decision making drags on, and purchase order approvals are delayed. Automated purchase order approval systems provide greater control and visibility on the status, and clear process ‘hiccups’ and workflow stagnancies.

Additionally, purchase order automation ensures timely compliance by standardizing the purchase order approval workflow, helping stakeholders prioritize, and increasing overall productivity.

Route Purchase Orders Automatically

Cut out paper forms, spreadsheets, and lengthy email threads and let your purchase order approval software do the heavy lifting. Online purchase order systems act like a digitized copy of your rule book that never skips a step.

A well-designed purchase order management software routes purchase orders automatically through the right people and collects required approvals along the way.

Reasons You’ll Love KiSSFLOW

Businesses around the world use KiSSFLOW to optimize organizational spend

Easy Customization

Use drag-and-drop tools to tweak workflows, approvals, and data fields

Seamless Integration

Integrate with other third-party procurement tools to remove data silos

Effortless Collaboration

Interact effortlessly with all stakeholders to speed up decision making

Quick Implementation

Reduce installation efforts and time with a cloud-based PO software

Multi-Channel Access

Request, track, and approve/reject purchase orders while you’re on the move

Centralized Storage

Store all information in a cloud database for easy access from anywhere

Our Customers ❤ KiSSFLOW

“KiSSFLOW shortened the processing time of purchase order by 75%! Now we have 65 active processes in KF.”

“PO approvals are so much easier with KiSSFLOW. We’ve gone from two days to a few hours.”

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